This year we have started a Bible reading program that is a little different than what we’ve ever done. It is designed to cover the Bible in one year by reading a chapter or two from different books of the Bible each day. We are really enjoying how it gives an overall complete feeling to your Bible reading. We are able to make connections through the old and new testaments on a daily basis. Plus, it just feels nice to get in reading in different venues of the Bible each day.

The Bible reading plan we are basing our reading on can be found here As you can see, the Professor has the reading broken up into 10 sections. This was a little overwhelming for me with my other Mommy duties such as homeschool, cleaning, baby care, and preparing Bible class children and women’s classes. So, we used the basic idea and created a 5 List system and are reading those daily. This works out a little more timely for Abby and myself, especially. I will attach the document for my bookmarks below. Daily Bible reading is something we have been told to do since preschool. “Read your Bible pray everyday and you’ll grow, grow, grow!” Reading your Bible everyday will enhance your spiritual life. Reading your Bible everyday will enhance your emotional life. You will grow closer to God. You will crave to learn and grow more. Trust Him. Listen to Him. Allow His words to guide you.

There are so very many things that need doing in a day. We have laundry, cleaning, cooking, work, childcare, shuttling children to and from activities, errands, meetings, exercise and so much more. Reading your Bible will not make those chores go away, but you will be surprised at how much better you will feel at the end of the day when the laundry pile is still there (let’s be honest, it would be with or without reading…) and you have spent time listening to God talk to and encourage you. If you do not read everyday, give it a try. If the list of ten chapters or the list 5 chapters seems too overwhelming for you then try one chapter of one book. You will not regret time you spend with God.

I know it’s difficult. Just yesterday Daniel snapped a picture of me trying to “hide” for some alone time to read my Bible. I would like to tell you that I blissfully read my 5 chapters undisturbed, but my little ducklings hunted me down. They will always find you. But, I did finish my reading. Eventually.

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